Beautiful Ghost

I wrote this song shortly after a friend and I stopped to call the police when we passed by a young girl on the edge of a bridge. This was quite an anxiety provoking experience because it was sad to see that she was struggling to cope and felt that it would be better to end her life, but also because I had been in her position not long before this happened. In this moment that I was looking up at this girl that I knew nothing about, I couldn't help but see myself in her, like I was looking in a mirror.

Thankfully the Police arrived on scene very quickly and local newspaper reports days later stated that they were able to get this girl the help she needed. That is when I decided to write my song 'Beautiful Ghost' which is based on this experience.
This song is one that I am most proud of and I feel honoured that several friends and audience members felt this song gave "James Bond vibes". 
Have a listen using the links below or watch my official music video and let me know what you think!